Our Story

Premium Beef Jerky


Nearly 20 years ago my young sons asked me to buy them some jerky in a gas station.  At $10 for a tiny 1.5oz package I thought “No way!  I can make my own!”  So I got some meat, spices, and started playing.  Then it became a passion.  Then an obsession. 
Everywhere I went I was giving away free jerky, refining recipes, getting feedback, playing with different methods of production until everyone who tried it was raving about it.   I had come up with a blend of 12 spices that gave great heat without frying your taste buds.  The heat built and built, and anyone eating a piece would still be tasting it 10 minutes later. 
People begged me to sell it, told me it was better than anything else out there.  I thanked them, but didn’t really want to get into the business.  Then one day a friend said “You HAVE to sell me this jerky in bulk so I can sell it to other people!”  And I thought, Hmmm…
So here we are!  After much labor and love, I’m bringing you two flavors of the best damned jerky you ever ate!  The first is our original 12 Spice Slow Burn (in Spicy Bold and Medium Burn) and our newest creation, Horseradish-Cracked Black Pepper.